Washington Dc Limo Tours

Located between the two US states Maryland and Virginia, Washington DC is the capital of the United States of America. Besides being a power center for international politics, Washington DC, situated on the bank of the river Potomac, has a historical and cultural heritage that goes back to the time when Americans fought her war of independence under the able leadership of George Washington. The name of the city still bears testimony to the noble leader and his brave associates.

The city boasts 173 foreign embassies and a number of administrative buildings of American and international institutions including the famous White House, the beautiful residence of the president of the US. Washington DC is also famous for a number of museums and historical monuments. It is a history-lover?s delight and boasts a museum, memorial, art gallery or park at almost every corner of the city,

There are three airports, which serve the city of Washington DC, which are Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). DCA is located across the Potomac River at a convenient distance from downtown Washington. Most international tourists however arrive at IAD, which is around 25 miles away from Washington. BWI, situated 30 miles away from the city is another option for foreign visitors.

You can take any type of ground transportation from any of these airports to reach your destination inside the city. One excellent option is to book a limousine service in Washington DC. You simply need to find a limousine service in Washington DC on the Internet and call the agency to book a car to pick you up from the airport. It is very convenient for a large family or group of friends who would like to travel together in complete comfort.

A limo service will also provide you with absolute privacy and let you work on your laptop without any disturbances while on your way to a business conference. Also, if you are late for your flight or have very less amount of time to reach the airport after your conference if over, you should book a limo service for no other car rental will be as punctual and helpful.

For sightseeing purposes also you can book a limo. Taking tours of Washington DC in an impeccably maintained, stylish limo is an unforgettable experience. The legendary courteousness of the limo chauffeurs who can act as your guides will make every moment of the trips pleasurable. Most limousine services in Washington DC provide luxury limos, sedan, stretch SUVs, limo buses and vans. Take a pick according to your taste and specific need. If you have some works at Alexandria, you can avail the service of an Alexandria VA limousine rental to reach your destination. However, before you ride a limo, don?t forget to make sure that the driver has a proper license to drive limo in or near the Washington DC area.

Chevrolet Impala Ss To Debut In Bristol

The Chevrolet Impala SS has made its debut at the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. And of course with its launching is the unveiling of the GM Racing?s all-new R07 small-block V-8 racing engine which provides a glimpse to the new direction in technology that America?s most popular racing series is heading.

One of the most powerful element in GM Racing?s toolbox is what the automaker calls as the CFD or the Computational Fluid Dynamics which is a mathematical simulation of the airflow around a vehicle. This new CFD technology is influencing the design of both racing and production automobiles. CFD also played an important role in GM Racing?s analysis and development of a racing version of the Impala SS which is considered as the new generation NASCAR race car that will make its debut in a competition that will be held in Bristol, Tennessee scheduled on March 25, 2007.

According to Kevin Bayless, GM Racing oval track chassis/aero program manager, ?The best way to describe CFD is a wind tunnel in a computer. CFD is a simulation that predicts the aerodynamic forces acting on a vehicle using computational methods rather than physical measurements. CFD allows engineers and racing teams to evaluate the effects of aerodynamic changes quickly on a computer screen rather than in a conventional wind tunnel.?

The CFD technology was first developed for aerospace and defense usage however it migrated to the civilian sector as supercomputers which became available to manipulate complex programs. ?The CFD software requires a supercomputer because the number of calculations is immense. Foe example, our aerodynamic models typically have more than 10 million discrete data points that are used to calculate the force. It really is rocket science,? explained Bayless.

“The computing time required to run CFD programs is a limitation even with a supercomputer,” Bayless noted. “A team can run through more tests in a day in a wind tunnel than can be done with CFD. At this point in its development, CFD supplements the testing that’s done in wind tunnels and on race tracks. We share the information that GM Racing obtains through CFD with the Chevy teams. Given the level of competition in NASCAR today, it’s vital for every team.?

Although the price that is involved in this type of technology is high but the benefits of CFD are worth it. The highly advanced software makes it possible to see the invisible movement of air over the vehicle?s body.

Bayless said, “CFD allows us to visualize the flow to understand what the air is doing and where the aerodynamic forces are being generated. That’s simply not possible with a model or a full-size vehicle in a wind tunnel. CFD also allows us to test aerodynamics without a physical model, which can be helpful in the early stages of a design. We can analyze and compare various alternatives before actually building a prototype vehicle.”

Aside from the Impala SS becoming the new NASCAR race car of today it will be Chevrolet?s high-profile entry in Nextel Cup competition. The CFD played an important role boosting the identity of Chevy?s new on-track representative.

“Although the Car of Tomorrow is highly regulated, it’s not a spec race car. As a manufacturer, Chevrolet was able to define many of the details that separate the Impala SS from our competitors’ cars. The headlights, grille, portions of the hood, and the tail were areas where GM Racing was able to incorporate Impala SS styling cues and brand identity. These areas are now fixed as part of the NASCAR Impala SS package,” added Bayless.

The Impala SS is entirely different from the Monte Carlo SS in terms of aerodynamics but also similar in some ways like both are equipped with quality GM auto parts like the high quality GM spark plug wires which are responsible for converting fuel into energy that powers the vehicle. For the Impala SS GM engineers have employed CFD to better understand the effects of the new body shape, front splitter, and adjustable rear wing on aerodynamic performance. “NASCAR specifications require the Impala SS to be wider and taller than the Monte Carlo SS that it is replacing, so its frontal area is larger and its aerodynamic drag is approximately 10 percent greater. Initially the Impala SS will have about 15 percent less downforce than the Monte Carlo SS, which has been highly refined over the years. The change from a spoiler to an adjustable rear wing appears to reduce turbulence in the wake of the car, so when two cars are running nose-to-tail, the less turbulent air behind the first car should alleviate some of the aerodynamic push experienced by the trailing car,” explained further by Bayless.

It is also important to note that although the CFD is a powerful engineering tool it is not designed to replace the conventional wind tunnels and track testing.

Automotive Safety Tips

We all love to show off our new cars but there’s safety issues that you need to know about when it come to getting your new car. Even people that are excellent drivers can have a car accident it’s always good to know about automobile safety tips. When you are picking out your new automobile, you need to make sure you pick out one that has working safety features. It’s always important to buy a automobile that has a anti lock brakes. In case of a sudden emergency having anti lock brakes help the automobile to slow down at a controlled speed and it will help you from getting into a car accident. Most people push on their brakes when they come to a sudden stop and the automobile ends up sliding into middle of traffic causing a huge automobile accident.

That’s why it’s good to buy a car that has the emergency brakes to help you control your automobile when you get into a situation like this. If you are buying a old car it seldom that it will come with ABS, it’s better to buy a newer model because they all are manufactured and are made with the ABS brakes. Another important thing you want to have when you purchase your new new automobile is the ESC which protects the car from spinning and sliding in weather like snow storms or rain storms that tend to make the tires very slippery. It is also very important to make sure your head lights and night lights are working especially if you are driving on highway or road traffic. You also want to make sure all your automobile seat belts are working properly this is important just in case you be in a automobile accident and you or other passengers need to get out of the car in case of a emergency. Another important thing to check is to make sure your car has air bags and make sure that they are working properly, sometimes air bags come with a switch depending on the kind of car, this is very important because you don’t want air bags in your car to come out at the wrong time. Airbags can save lives but they can injure you as well.

Buy Ford, Buy Green

Auto vehicle giants Ford are to put a jaw dropping ?1 billion in developing environmentally friendly cars based in the UK. The manufacturer has decided to put the money towards diesel and petrol engines as well as specialist bio fuels from vegetation and hybrid gas/electric cars.

One of the main ideas in the pipeline is a Ford Focus that can do seventy miles per gallon whilst actually reducing carbon dioxide emissions, making it not only green but also very economic and efficient. To back this up and make the idea become a reality Ford are also planning to increase the number of engineers in the UK.

In a recent interview the vice president of Ford Europe, Lewis Booth was excited about the future “We’re talking about a suite of technologies which will include hybrid cars, but it will include continued improvements in diesel engines, I think some substantial and significant improvements in petrol engines, weight reduction techniques, and some micro-hybrids as well,” before later adding that the money will also be used on other brands like Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover.

The press have seen this investment as a huge vote of confidence not only for Ford but also British hard work and ability during a difficult financial period where not every auto company have been able to build profit making vehicles in the UK.

There are currently over 35,000 people in the UK alone working for Ford this includes sites in Coventry in the Midlands, Gaydon in Warwickshire and Dunton in Essex.

Looking For Reasons to Hire a Rolls Royce Wraith? Here You Go!

Automotive Are you looking for reasons to hire a Rolls Royce Wraith? Then, this is the article you need to go through. If you are looking for reasons to hire a Rolls Royce Wraith from a luxury car rental company, then you have landed on the blog! Not 3, not 4 – I will give you 5 solid reasons to hire this phenomenal and stylish beast in this article. Take a look. It Spells Comfort and Luxury: A Rolls Royce speaks comfort and luxury at its best. There is no trying – it is just smooth and effortless. And yes, the core brand value speaks volume. It would definitely turn heads at the road when you will drive it with confidence and pride. If it is about attending a red carpet event, then do not think twice and order the car! The doors open in a way which shouts out to the crowd – “Look who is here!” But yes, while hiring such Luxury Cars for Rent Beverly Hills, make sure you check its body and go for a test drive once before you book it as otherwise, the company might try to blame you and charge extra from you due to some damage caused. Silent: The Wraith is really competitive when it comes to performance but that does not mean it emits sound. In fact, it is known and loved for its silence.

Despite being one of the most performing cars out there, you can drive it around quietly. This is one reason why I always hire a Wraith to sports cars as I do not like it loud! Everything from the seat to the car top is tested more than once and is assured that they do not make any kind of sound. The Leather: Now let’s get this straight – we do fancy the interiors of this model and one of the main reasons being the seat leather! It’s smooth, stylish and posh. It is luxurious and want you to admire it for hours at a go. It is all about the quality and detailing. Another interesting fact I want you to get enlightened about is that they are mainly Bavarian Alps Leather that is, they are made from the skin of male cows living at the Bavarian Alps. And Rolls Royce make it a point that the existing leather goes to other manufacturers for the production of other goods such as wallets, watches, etc. Productive, right? The Wood: Have you ever taken a close look at any wooden part of a Rolls Royce Wraith? If not, then do it while you avail Rolls Royce Wraith for Rent Beverly Hills and you will realise that it is not just any kind of wood out there – it is of high quality and has intricate details that are bound to grab attention. The wood (veneers) is checked several times since it has to match certain standards to get fitted inside a Rolls Royce. Paint – Lastly, the paint is fabulous! Whether it is an anniversary dinner or about picking your clients up from the airport, the appeal and look of the car is bound to impress anyone out there.

They use candy paint for the car and thus, the finish is velvety. So, these are the reasons why you should book a Rolls Royce when you visit an Exotic Car Rental Beverly Hills. Convinced? Then book one today! Author Bio: Eric is a regular blogger on Exotic Car Rental Beverly Hills. To get tips on hiring Rolls Royce Wraith for Rent Beverly Hills or Luxury Cars for Rent Beverly Hills, read his articles and blogs.

Best Life Time Experience: Dubai Desert Safari

Travel & Tourism Dubai is really a beautiful and mesmerizing land which has a lot to provide for everybody. Whether you are wanting to see some vast and exquisite architecture or luscious lands depicting nature at its best, you will definately get everything here. Among the amazing stuff that you can’t miss in Dubai is Dubai desert safari. Yes, this is a trip which will get you deep in to the desert thus making you experience the most wonderful stuff you would ever wish to. The businesses that get you to this particular fascinating safari usually get you in Toyota Land cruiser or any other SUV drives. The businesses use number of 4×4 Land Cruisers to use the Desert Safari in Dubai in safe, licensed, professional environment. These trips are extremely exciting and you will definitely visualize serious appeal of the desert. You are able to book a personal safari with the family or decide to go along with other candidates. If you are choosing you Dubai desert safari professional, be sure you only select the professionals as well as the companies which have been within this business from quite a long time.

Desert Safari is really a premium attraction for visitors who visit Dubai and is also rated because the top excursion in Dubai. For any delightful experience with the Dubai Desert you are able to book having a company that promises the finest service in the least expensive prices. You can check out the web site from the company to collect all the details, packages, itineraries, and guides for an array of other popular tours. The tour packages from the companies consists of Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner, Dune Buggy Safari, Overnight Desert Safari, Wadi and Mountain Safaris, Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise, Dubai Island Tours and Dubai City Tours. Companies also focus on Corporate and Team Building Events, School and Student Adventure Programs, Incentive Programs and may create bespoke adventure activities and safaris throughout Dubai to match your specific requirements. Be sure you choose the best program to get extreme fun and adventure on your own visit to Dubai. Dubai safaris have become a favorite type of adventure nowadays and several tourists come each year to experience this beautiful ride.

Desert safari ride is really a roller coaster ride which will get you down and up the sand dunes. As time passes the fleet will stop between the desert and will provide you with a chance to take photographs and exploring the beautiful surrounding surrounding you. Following that you continue your journey and disembark right into a camp to find out the desert life led by traditional people here. The camp is totally functional tourist structure with advanced facilities including electricity, washrooms and telephones. So plan your Dubai desert safari today and feel the experience in your life time today! For more information about Desert Safari Dubai,simply visit our website.

Give A New Look To Your Car

Automotive Is your car looking as it was in day one? Well, this is kind of impossible. Everything has an expiry date, you car too is subjected to getting withered away. Of course you won’t like to look at your tattered car. To make your car look and feel like a princess, contact It’s-a-Wrap. They are one of the finest companies in vehicle wrapping, commercial wrapping, paint protection and tinting. Now, you can ask me that why I suggest you this particular company out of so many. You may think that maybe I have so affection or soft corner for them.

Well guys, I’m not being partial at all. Here go the reasons for choosing car wrapping: Certified service You can be sure of the fact that your car is in good hands because the products and professional experts are supported by various certifications. They are backed by high profile degrees which assure that you can leave your car in safe hands. Mobile and in-shop The company professes services in two different methods – either you can come to them with your problem or they will reach to your house. In case of the latter, you have to previously provide them with a quotation either by mail or a phone call.

Commercially insured All the work done in the company is commercial insured. So, you need not worry about you or your car landing in a trouble. Every work of the company is done very systematically. Also, you can reach out to them 24 x 7 either by mailing or through phone calls. Good reviews It is by rating that you know the efficiency of a company. Reviews and ratings are a very good method of knowing the customer satisfaction. In case of this company as well, you can check out their ratings. Almost all the customers are satisfied with their service.